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Because at Equifab most discussions start with "could we do…"

It's at the core of what we do and it's what sets us apart from other fabricators. From sketches and ideas from you the client through to turn key engineering and fabrication solutions from us, we have always found ways to build it better so you can use it better.

Long after the product has left the yard……

You'll find we do things differently here at Equifab, we listen, we ask questions, we learn how you do what you do and what you want to accomplish with your new product. You'll also find that our interest in the product we have built does not diminish once it leaves the yard. Indeed, with 24/7 support, wherever our product may end up, we're with you all the way.

Our primary concern in every task.

Equifab holds safety as its primary concern in every task and nothing is done if not done safely. It's more than just policy and procedure, it's an attitude. It's an approach to work that we invest in, train for, promote and reward. It is our vision that at every opportunity we prevent hazards, control risks and drive behaviors towards seeing safety as a way of life.

In everything we do, always.

Comprehensive quality assurance systems are just part of how we ensure a quality product. What really matters is our culture; at Equifab quality is part of our culture, a culture from the workshop floor that ensures we don't take shortcuts, we don't take the easy option when the hard one is the right one and when we build something, we make sure we build it to last.

We say what we mean and we do what we say.

Fundamental to how we conduct our operations is the belief that integrity, above all else, ensures our ongoing success. It's an attribute we look for in every person that joins our team, it's an attribute that we apply every day throughout our business and its an attribute that has never let us, or anyone we work with down.